by Helslave

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released June 23, 2017

"Divination" has been recorded at Stefano Morabito's 16th Cellar Studio in Rome, Italy.
Mixed & Mastered by Sverker Widgren (Diabolical, Centinex) at Wing Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

Artwork by Misanthropic Art

Out via Black Market Metal Label



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Helslave Rome, Italy


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Track Name: Summoning The Eternal Eclipse
Dissection of Soul

inhale the stench of death

triumph of the horned

the blackest incarnation of sin

Cold wind blows among the graves

behold eternal eclipse

new generation of disease

Silence falls, it freezes all around

the arrival of divine

ancestral ritual summon

Blinding lights, no human eye can see

let the plague fall on the weak

Tonight the dead shall rise
Bloodstained altar of fear

a putrid bond of flesh

to reach the ancient gods

we drink from the chalice of pain
Track Name: Lord Of Lies
In the darkest depth of Earth

where endlessy resound the groans

hear the desperate cries of the damned

in the total abscence of light

There dwells the Lord

the Lord of Lies

perpetual temptation of mankind

Thy horrid majesty

Icon of sinister omen

chained to the ancient stone

first of the fallen angels
Thy horrid Majesty 

primordial feral demon

unleash your legions

go beyond the gates of hell

Belial, son of perdition

Arise from the underworld

Spawned from the serpent womb

locust craving for betrayer blood

Open the abyss, unbound the unholy hordes

an eternal plague to conquer all
Track Name: The Spawn Of Astaroth
The fate of a great battle 

has to be faced

an indomitable army has to be defeated
We are the ones who walk the left hand path

As written in the blood of the prophecy
The only way to conquer this land

Show us the path, rise from the grave

lead us through the lands of despair

To the gods of the underworld we raise our praise
come to the light, legions of dead

He broke to pieces
the bronze serpent of Moses

On the march on the ashes of an old defeat
unstoppable warriors starving for revenge

Ready to cut off heads and tear out eyes

the warm blood will feed their rotten flesh

"When the final seal will be removed

The dead will walk the earth 
and serve their lord, Astaroth"

We'll raze to the ground
the spawn of Astaroth
Track Name: Desecration
The sky turns red
Gather faithful disciples of flame
Staring at the abyssal void

Celebration of the primal breath

Penetrating the reign of despair

Incessant screams, dissolved human flesh

Empty eyes, graveless soul awake

Abandonment of mortal shell

A shattered belief

Held by blind submission

Flows the blood of the gods
Through the dark gates of Hades

Dawn of the dead

Facing our doom
Exhalation of an ashen miasma
We'll desecrate the primordial oath

Soul chained in a cursed embrace
Eternal bound taken in the darkness
Dragged down by a spiral of torment

The wretched sons of a rotten need for faith

Walls soaked by overflowing evil

Torn, ripped the skin from bones

A path of fear, ancestral divination

Devouring chasm of dissolution

From the eyes of an infected breed

wicked spawn will serve Thanatos will

Supreme claim of the black domain